Autumn menu

Fascination with Italy and its cuisine was inspiration to open Castello Restaurant in 2005. The concept has been developed and polished. Our interpretation of Italian cuisine is based upon the highest quality of seasonal ingredients, furnished by local suppliers. This approach leaves space to our Head Chef to build attractive creations. Thus in effect you will find here, next to classic Italian dishes, examples from other nations cuisines including Polish.
Autumn 2017 menu means a lot of novelty. We want you really take opportunity of spending more time with us in a relaxing environment. That is why we?ve introduced aperitif section to our menu. This is a list of very simple, tiny snacks (olives, ham, cheese, etc.), which shall be easily ordered and quickly served to let you slow down and relax with a glass of wine or aperitif. We have opened many wines and serve them by a glass. Prices of aperitifs have been made even more attractive.

Fish weekend
Good choice of fresh fish and sea food is always a great reason to visit restaurant. Book a table every weekend starting Thursday already at 6 p.m. Enjoy fish, lobster, shrimps, mussles, oysters and wines.


View our fish menu in pdf

November goose menu
It’s became a new Polish tradition to propose goose in November. So we do. Please book a table in advance (minimum a day before), and enjoy goose menu: foie gras terrine, rillettes, pastrami or goose confit with a glass of good wine.

Business lunch
We serve lunch from Monday to Friday, from 12 till 4 p.m.
It may be a great simple pasta or pizza but usually it is a choice of a soup, main dish (meat, vege or fish) and dessert. It is organized in three smart menus: simle and quick Rapido, complete Essenza and rich Ristorare.
Book a table.